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#1 Can we have an option to run the mouse pointer in a seperate thread? It seems to be a bit sluggish on my system (and it really should not be.) AMD 64 3200+ Processor, 1 gigabyte of RAM, ATI 850X Video card. Windows XP Home.

#2 More Screen Resolution Choices would be good. For Wide Screen LCD's, etc.

#3 There were a few dialogue choices in Sam & Max that kind of resembled the old Monkey Island ones where if you run through it and ask a character the same question enough times you get different answers until finally you get the question answered in some form or fashion. Sam & Max had a few places where the dialogue provided a few different answers, but they never went anywhere.

#4 The game felt a bit linear to me. I realize it's a "small episodic" game, but I just didn't feel like there were enough options to explore. I think that this isn't so much a problem with these small episodes, (though it may begin to feel constricting for some people) but when you put all of these episodes together into a "complete" game, I believe the game will feel very linear and shallow. Lacking much depth to it.

#5 The writing needs to be kicked up a notch I think. IMO, I'd like to see a little more "daring" with the dialogue.

That's about it for right now. While I haven't finished the game, and I am enjoying it, I still feel there is a depth that is missing here.

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