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trouble with getting help here

posted by Kaldire on - last edited - Viewed by 151 users

sorry for posting this in public but this is the first time ever ive had problems with support on the store.

ive asked in pms to 3 people about my orders and only david e replied but didnt answer the question i wanted to know

could someone please pm me about my purchases.. this is about what ive bought in the past ( and yes i know how to view them on site, and i still need help)



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    David E Telltale Staff

    PMing the team is not the best way to get results, generally. I asked in my reply to you, and I'll ask again: Have you tried to email Most of the time we're happy to answer PMs, but with respect to shopping and orders, it's much better to go through official channels and get a support ticket assigned to your problem.

    If you have contacted support and haven't received a reply in a few days, let me know what the ticket ID is and I'll try to follow up.

  • wow...

    you guys just lost a really long standing customer..and fan

    I have stated I mailed support... LOONG AGO,

    and actually, pm'ing is a really GREAT way of contacting you..
    its the only way i got a reply other than this public post which seems a bit much dont ya think?

    so.. thanks for this and ill let you be now, instead of helping with a few questions, you tell me to go through the proper channels as if im a newbie.

    I used to pm emily all the time with lil tid bitty questions, now its a hassle..
    ok i get it..
    moving on.

    2006-09 RIP telltale... you broke my heart

    im age 33 for those wondering not 13 or something, and for anyone else wondering all I wanted to know was what posters I had gotten in my orders, as i'm missing some yet I remember ordering every poster made since telltales existence.

    "death from above"

  • @Kaldire said: I have stated I mailed support... LOONG AGO,

    And David asked you for the ticket number, which you can post here or PM him with.

    Telltale can't help you if you can't follow instructions.

    @Kaldire said: and actually, pm'ing is a really GREAT way of contacting you.. its the only way i got a reply other than this public post which seems a bit much dont ya think?

    PM'ing is bad because they can't track requests (no way to assign tickets automatically). And you may have already received a reply from Support from your original e-mail that was eaten by your spam filter.

    @Kaldire said: 2006-09 RIP telltale... you broke my heart


    David, you have a thankless job sometimes.

  • wap thanks for the info, but you again act like im some newbie..

    see my join date? know that ive known jake (not as a friend but online) since lucasforums... heck tons are from there.

    I know procedure, i know protocol, and i CAN FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.
    you jump to conclusions when you are saying what you do.
    Ive talked to david and he did answer a few questions very well.. but the main one was more like, do you have the order id from JUNE... NO? ,. i dont have such ticket ids or numbers its been to LONG.. as you apparently cant read above where it says LONG AGO in caps..

    gmail erases stuff, and emily and i were working out an email issue where i seemed to have two emails attached to my account and im thinking this is how the mixup started.
    but telling me im incompetent is what angered me.

    and what makes you think i dont like the telltale team for their job on games.. its about support, and last i checked eggers was an artist, and i love all the art.. so .. thanks for the art...

    thankless job.. sheesh..

    i fan and devoted consumer shouldnt be questioned in this sort of ordeal, which is why im washing my hands of it.. i have a feeling it will only get worse for support after emily left..

    no clue.

  • Reading these posts, I can honestly say I have no clue what you're even asking for. Every response you get, you respond with "No kidding, I already know that," but no one seems to understand what exactly you are asking for.

    You say you want to know what posters you've ordered, and that you know how to find them on the site, so I am just not sure what you're even asking.

  • pale man.. the people who need to know.. do.. ok?

    simple as that.

    david knows what i mean.. though i dont think its his job to help me. I just happened to talk to emily one day and then poof, david and someone else took over replying.

    as for your not understanding.
    telltale gives lists of what you order yea? some of these things are in BUNDLES. ALSO some things it seems ive ordered are not there, im thinking this is due to an email or account mixup on my part. Emily tried to sort it by killing an email and walla here i am...asking which posters I have not gotten.

    david did reply saying i had bought two posters but it never went through on their end, then asked me for a code that was months old. I dont have it..and its not in telltales site under my orders.

    is that specific enough for you? aw mush forget it. I feel like a criminal here now. Sooo awesome.

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    David E Telltale Staff

    I think I've figured it out. You ordered 2 posters on July 1st: Trogdor and signed Highway Surfing. However, it looks like there was a hitch in the order caused by Paypal (I think there were widespread problems with Paypal that day), and the order never completed successfully. We dug in a little more and looked in our Paypal records to ensure that we did not erroneously receive payment for this order.

    So, as it stands, you ordered two posters, but the order did not complete successfully and money was not deducted from your Paypal account. If you'd like, you can re-order them (we are running low on both at this point, though :)).

    At the very least, I hope this has cleared up the confusion.

  • heya

    sorry for being so.. crude, I know staff changes can screw up alot. Emily actually emailed me as well. But now she has no access just you and bonnie.

    anyway. that sounds right for the prints, but you still didnt tell me...
    are those the only ones ive missed? according to your records?

    i mean i did purchase every other poster yes?? if so ill order up the two i didnt get right now... but i coulda sworn I bought them all already... sigh

    as you can now understand my confusion aahhhh lol

    i just want to know... which havent i gotten... out of all sam n max posters.. just the highway print? or did i miss another?

    thanks for dealing with me.. even after my blow out.. much respect


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    David E Telltale Staff

    Hey Kal, PMed you a response!

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