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"Talk Like A Pirate Day" Free Game Coupon Question

posted by seanparkerfilms on - last edited - Viewed by 716 users

I was an early ToMI adopter so I got the coupon code for a free Telltale episode today (much appreciated, thanks a bundle)! My question is this — will this coupon code expire after today, or can I wait and use it when I want? The reason I ask this is because I own every single Telltale episode currently available — there's nothing I can buy right now that I don't already have. Well... technically, I don't have the Sam & Max Season One episodes in my account but I have the boxed retail release. So can I hold onto this coupon for a while and wait until something glorious like... Sam & Max Season Three comes out and get an episode then?

Thanks again for the free coupon, certainly wasn't expecting it so I won't be at all mad if it expires.


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