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Thank You Telltale !

posted by Gabelstapler on - last edited - Viewed by 221 users

just wanted to say thank you for this great adventure !
I m so excited about it !
thats adventure art as its best style !


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  • Game finished, I would guess about 3 hours quality playtime ^^
    Loved it, can't wait for more!

    Tons of thanks to Telltale!

  • I finally downloaded and played the game. Damn, exactly what I was hoping for and more. Telltale, you've done a superb job. Seriously. If you can keep the rest of the series as good as this one, it'll be fan-tucking-fastic. What I've just played was just as good (if not better) than Hit the Road!

    EDIT: Oh, and thanks for getting the license and putting up with all our complaints and suggestions. You've done a great job and I'm sure we all appreciate it.

  • and I even want to thank the forum members for a very funny countdown yesterday !!
    everyone made bets if the server will breakdown and was nervous !
    I wish I could delete some of mine posts from yesterday cause the games so great .... I will be faithful TT, I ve been watching your development since the first version of your webpage !

  • I'm glad Steve Purcell gave the thumbs-up on this. It seemed for a while he just didn't care about his dog and rabbity-thing police duo, but hopefully he will become a household name soon. Always been a huge Purcell fan, especially on his contributions to the early Lucas Arts games.

    He and Bill Tiller (backgrounds for Monkey Island 3) are among my favorite artists ever.

  • I've just finished here - and it was awesome to have Sam & Max back! Bring on Episode 2!! Go Telltale! :)

  • Ditto guys, ditto. To be honest I thought the one click interaction would be a problem but it worked great, it did help me become immersed in the game. Only problem was it was too short, I want more!

    @Gabelstapler, yeah that was funny yesterday. "It'll be ready in an hour" "Okay, maybe another hour" "umm, one more hour" "Yay, it's released, but I can't activate it, d'oh!" Seems to me every game worth getting always has a few problem to overcome before you actually play it.

    EDIT: Just checked the thread and we got through 34 pages in a day. Now that's dedication!

  • Big ditto here. Just finished it, and was great fun.

    Thanks Telltale, the 13 year wait was (painfully) worth it.

    Bring on Episode 2.

  • I know Steve sometimes drops by the TTG office, give him a hug for us will ya ? :P

    I m doing the game meticulously, clicking on everything, choosing every bits of dialog, and making big pauses, i want to make it last !

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