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Hey all!

I've been watching and reading here for some time now, but tonight I talk for the first time!

For tonight 62 West Wallaby Street opens its doors for the first time since Easter... By which I mean!

It's the biggest Wallace and Gromit site online, but it covers the wider world of Aardman too now. And the most exciting thing of all is The Aardmag!. A completely free, online, Monthly magazine for all fans!

The redesign has been contributed to by Telltale and expect more from them in coming issues of The Aardmag!

So if you want to explore Wallace and Gromit, and maybe even other Aardman things, come visit! And don't worry - if you feel homesick we have a full Telltale section on the site now.

So do drop by - tea and cheese for all.

See you there Chuck!

Seb :)

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