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Free 1st episode of Tales of Monkey Island

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I emailed you on Sept. 20 and you acknowledged my email the same day and said you would get back to me, but never heard back. You said if I didn't hear from you again, to email you here on the forum and give code 'issue-21047' as a reference. I was on your site on Sept. 18 around 10.30 pm EST North American time, and tried to download the free 1st episode of Tales of Monkey Island but when I clicked on "Get free game here" or something like that, it didn't do anything. On another page on your site there was a link to "get your free game here" but that did nothing either. I tried for a while off and on, and registered my name and email address, but nothing.I thought the complete 1st episode was going to be available at midnight Sept.19 and Sept. 19 was Sunday, but couldn't get it on the 19th either. I thought I was on time to get the free 1st episode of Tales of Monkey Island?

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  • Hey, we sent a response to you, but it looks like you didn't get the email. Here is Eric's response:

    The serial # that you received was actually for the free version of the game. We need to assign these serials in order to activate the game even though it's free, but I can assure you that you have not been charged for this. If you download the game from this link:

    You should be able to activate it using the username & password you created yesterday. If this doesn't work, please let us know.


    - Eric @ Telltale

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