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My shameless gamerscore plea!!

posted by zmally on - last edited - Viewed by 163 users

I was wondering, in an attempt to add to my gamerscore while I'm skint, if there's any free "Games For Windows" games that are compatible with my Xbox Live account, with achievements?

I've already got Dash For Destruction and that webcam one on the xbox...

Thought maybe some of you guys might know?

Cheers :)

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  • what does that have to do with Monkey Island?

  • You know, I just went into the general chat forum to se eif I had any replies, and I couldn't find my topic :(

    Then I came in here and it's magically there! In the wrong room :(

    How do I move it? Has the forum messed up or did I make a booboo?

    Sorry :(

  • First of all, as far as I know, there is no such thing.

    Secondly, you really should break yourself of that Gamerscore addiction. The whole mechanism is a meta-advertising gimmick, and the base number represents nothing of value other than how much money you spend on the platform.

    Not that the idea of a system-wide meta-goal system is a bad idea. It sets things up so that you can have more to do in a particular title. But to buy into the idea that the actual score is something important is playing into the hands of Microsoft accountants banking on gamer addiction.

  • Don't be so cynical, RD. Everybody knows Gamerscores measure one's worth as a person. It's science, man!

  • At one point, Gamerscore was actually good for something, but only points earned during the promotion period counted, and you had to earn a ridiculous amount of them to even get just a free XBLA game.

  • I don't care much for total gamerscore but I love achievements and the scoring on each individual title, that is if the achievements are well made. An achievement which is "beat this part of the plot" is boring and utterly pointless (oblivion anyone? most of the COD4 ones?) but an achievement which is actually hard for instance "shoot a sniper in the head while falling having less then 10% health" is awesome or "find all the hidden items in the game", it allows you to prove that you have pulled off something hard and it's challenging. Which allows you to get more out of the games you buy.

  • I only know about PS3 trophies, and the only way to get lots of trophies is to buy shitloads of games. The advantage the PS3 is is Platinum trophies, and these are awarded for 100%ing a game.

    I think they add replay value to games. I was munched when I heard Wallace and Gromit had achievements for the 360. Felt less munched when the rest of the episodes were pulled, but still. I think achievements/trophies are awesome.

  • My attention span doesn't allow me to play a game long enough to get alot of the achievements tbh. I play games for fun, and if an Achievement is fun to get, then I'll get it, but if it isn't then I won't waste my time on it.

  • I don't really buy games for trophies, but they do make me play a game for longer. Plus they give me a reason to go for things like getting 100% of the collection in Katamari Forever, stuff I want to do anyway but can't be bothered without some sort of reward.

    The best trophies/achievements are the ones which really make you do something you wouldn't have otherwise (Like Geometry Wars' pacifist award which ended up spawning its own game mode).

    I do have some form of competition with friends though, over who can get the most trophies in any games we both play.

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