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NEW SONGS - "Spinner at Dusk", "Jerk Bait Sound" !! Made by me.

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Well, I wrote a map theme for Flotsam Island 2 months ago and wanted to make a couple more. These are more mixes from the game than original work.

I put a little work into these and hope they sound good. I'm a little nervous about it, really. :o I made a youtube video to go along with them but the audio quality isn't quite as good.

Here are the Links:

"Jerk Bait Sound" is a mix of a few places among the Jerk Bait Islands and the ending theme was done by me.

Jerk Bait Sound

"Spinner at Dusk" is a mix of the Spinner Cay theme. Not so much a mix but changed to a night version.

Spinner at Dusk

Here is the Youtube video of the songs. I hope you all like it!

Music of Spinner Cay

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