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Lair of the Leviathan doesn't even start-up

posted by Kroms on - last edited - Viewed by 133 users

This is now my third try running the setup. Soon as I download the thing and attempt to execute, it, I dunno, freezes. The explorer window freezes, and if I try opening it from Firefox's download window Firefox itself freezes. The setup never happens. Opening-up Task Manager, I get a Not Responding.

This is weird. I tried chapters 1+2, and they were fine, as was W&G Episode One and Strong Bad Episode Five.

I'm using Windows XP. I know you probably don't need them, but here are my specs:

Processor: 410 @ 1.46 GHz, ~ 1.5GHz
Memory: 1406 RAM
Graphics card: GeForce FX 5200
1 Gb of RAM.

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  • Yeah, it's happening here too.

  • I can confirm it is not a corrupt download. Tried again, no luck. I'm running anti-virus/spyware just for safety, and defragmenting/doing disk cleanup, but I doubt it's the issue.

    Since Spinner Cay and Screaming Narwhal are working fine, my guess is it's the actual .exe file...

  • Wait, it installed, but now the game won't run. "Monkeyisland103 has stopped working". I'm running vista, and I'm a hundred percent sure that my computer is compatible.

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    How long are you waiting before you give up?

    Starting with MonkeyIsland103, there's a CRC check the installer runs in order to make sure the download happened successfully. This is where your computer takes a look at the whole file and makes sure what's on your computer is what I created at my desk. Since your processor is a little slower than most, it will take longer for it to do this check.

    You can run the installer with the following line that will skip the CRC check. Here's the steps:

    1) Go to Start -> "Run..."
    2) "Browse..." to the installer file.
    3) ADD the following text after the quoted location of the installer, including the space: /NCRC
    4) Hit OK.

    This should run the installer and skip the CRC check. Course, this also means that it's not checking if the installer file is complete, so I don't want everyone to start doing this willy-nilly.

  • I was waiting for five minutes.

    Thanks, I'll try this when I get home today. And update the whole PC while I'm at it, it's really been long overdue. :)

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