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cannot start Tales of Monkey Island chapter 1

posted by happymonkey on - last edited - Viewed by 77 users

I'm having a very difficult time getting responses from TellTale games' support via email, so I'm posting here.

I purchased Tales of Monkey Island via Steam and am unable to start the game. When I launch it, Steam displays a dialog box for less than a second saying "Preparing to launch Tales of...", and then it disappears and nothing happens.

I've tried downloading the free demo of ToMI, but I'm having the same problem -- nothing happens.

Any thoughts? 'dxdiag' doesn't report any problems. I've seen issues (issue?) on this forum about Wacom tablets causing problems and I do have a USB touchscreen on my PC. I'd hate to have to disconnect all the cables and unscrew the case to disconnect it in order to determine if that's the problem. Removing its drivers didn't help.

I'm attaching the output from dxdiag to this post (I hope!).


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