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Just curious...

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...I'm enjoying ToMI immensely, there hasn't been a chapter yet that disappoints.

So, my question is this...have the sales of ToMI met TellTale's expectations and projections? I really hope they have exceeded expectations, enough perhaps to warrant (at least) a second season.

I recognise that it must be really hard to keep coming up with such consistently high standards, but from some of the reactions on this forum, it seems I'm not alone in enjoying the tales, and in appreciating all the work that has gone into producing them.

Thanks again to all at TT - especially whoever came up with Murray's script in chapter 3.

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  • Oh I think there are still plenty of stories to be told. Elaine could leave Guybrush this season, and we could have a whole season about getting her back /simultaneously fighting a Caribbean destroying threat.

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