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Sam & Max Vs Phoenix Wright...

posted by Major_Higgins on - last edited - Viewed by 368 users

...or how to get people to read your post! Harr harr!

Anyway, as many adventurers here, I was thrilled and eveloped in a blanket of bliss while playing Culture Shock. Nearly everything is perfect : graphics, animation, writing, humor...But as most people, I found the game quite short. Like "demo" short. C'mon, I mean 2 hours dammit!

"Take that!"

Now's where I use the comparison with Phoenix Wright : every first chapter of the series is like a tutorial, right? Didn't Culture Shock FEEL like on of those?
I think it's a good way of telling the people at Telltale what we're expecting for the next episodes. More of the same, more complicated. They certainly already know that's what we want, but I thought that the comparison was necessary for good understandig. After all, Phoenix Wright is pretty popular amongst adventure gamers nowadays, so I guess it's a good example, in my french opinion.

Oh, and I thought the game was a little buggy. Did anyone experience slowdowns, or memory leaks of some sort?

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