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monkeyisland103.exe has stopped

posted by Yhhaabor on - last edited - Viewed by 141 users

:confused:Help please.
Windows Vista, previous two episodes still work fine
Install of LOL had no problems. On double click to start game quickly get monkeyisland103.exe has stopped - before anythng else is shown.

Have tried dropping screen res and colour depth.
Reinstalled allowed it to ditch the prefs

Still no joy

No Yo ho ho here - grrr....


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  • Just to clarify, the game requires 32bit color depth, so if you aren't running that the game won't run. Can you still boot up the previous episodes with no problem?

  • Hi Will,

    Yes set to 32 bit colour depth.

    Both other episodes run without problems.

    The info from the fialed 103.exe points to d3dx9_41.dll as what is blowing out when it stops.


  • Will,

    I downloaded and the directx march 2009 redist package and installed (although I am rather sure I am at the highest rev of things anyway) but after that tried lotl and got a bit further before 103.exe stop. Tried the game again and got to the launch screen and - blam ..... I'm in - played through intro to first auto game save point.

    So although it hiccuped - twice I think as a tried to start after the dx reinstall - it does now at least for the start appear to be playing ball. Will try some more gameplay when get chance and then post update.

    Yo ho ho ....... etc


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