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When I got Murray...

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First off, BIG apologies to people who haven't played Chapter 3, and for which, this is a spoiler (though personally I think it's more of an incentive for one to play Chapter 3, also there are threads about Murray already so I take it's 'safe' to say it)

(I was thinking about coding it as 'When I got Santino' but decided that was too obscure)

Anyway when I got Murray I...

- immediately tried to combine him with my hook (and was so HORRIBLY disappointed) and...

- started running around looking for a uvula or various body parts to 'use' him with.

Might as turn this into a 'Did you try' thread, centered Murray or something o_0

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  • Sorry to change your thread but I think this'd work better as a "stuff you tried" thread :p
    A couple of good ones I've seen on here is one person who was desperately trying to find some lips to put on Murray, and someone else who used the ring on Morgan quite a few times ;)

    I for one thought that you could get some way to pour the bile into the dude's funnel from above, and spent a long time trying to combine things into a bile-launching device :D

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    I did Use... Murray... With... Uvula. But unfortunately no "I Wonder What Happens Next" reference. :rolleyes:

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