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Combine Shipping? Sam & Max Season 1 + Cap?

posted by ken830 on - last edited - Viewed by 231 users

I already purchased Season 1, and am planning on paying for shipping for the CD of the entire season. But I also want one of those super-stylish Max crossbones caps! $16 is a good price, but almost $7 on shipping is not. Can the shipping be combined?

And I live and work in the Bay Area, so I could actually do a pick-up... It would be nice if there was a will-call window... It would be even nicer if I could get a tour of the place... *hint* *hint* :)

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  • That'd be a pretty short tour, I think :D

    "Okay, so to your left are the unemployed Mexican bums waiting out on the street for anybody who's got a job for them..."

    "...Now here's the parking spot where Emily ran over this poor bird that dared to, uh, stain her car".



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