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Cannot unlock any SBCG4AP episodes.

posted by Jaugen on - last edited - Viewed by 234 users

As the title says, I cannot unlock any of the 5 episodes. I have tried both logging in and the serial number. So naturally, I emailed the support team with the request code. I got a receipt/confirmation of the first email, but not the other 4, and I never heard anything after that.

Yes I have checked my internet connection, firewall, antivirus, and etc when I had difficulties with the serial unlock. And I checked my spam filters before and after I sent the email asking for the unlock codes.

Basically I have the same problem as the person who made this topic.

I purchased the season on October 10th, and downloaded them all on the same day.

I guess what I need is for an email or PM here with the manual unlock codes.

Please and thank you.

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