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FLASHFILM - I wonder what happens in »ToMI - Trial and Execution of GT«

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Click on the picture or here to watch.
Preloading for the preloader takes a while, don’t worry…

A trial?!
An execution?!
Guybrush Threepwood?!


Martin shines with his very own and awesome courtroom-design.
Suro is on board, this time: Mr. Judge.
There is a small guest-role… spoken by one of our friendly forum-people.
And then there is Andrei, aka Silverwolfpet, who blew my mind once more with his many many (!) voice-actions!

So, what could happen in (insert echo) THE TRIAL AND EXECUTION OF GUYBRUSH THREEPWOOD?!?(Echo end.)

Have fun speculating!

- Music from the ending, long edition
- Andreis Max-Audition

And here a funny wallpaper, as a gift, kinda. :)
Click there:

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