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Future Sam makes me a bit sad

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Hey guys

I just finished Chariot of the Dogs today and I enjoyed it immensely. Best idea in a long time to buy Season 2 of Sam & Max.
However, as I played the game I met the future versions of Sam & Max. After my initial laugh over the Dalek like chair Sam was in, I got hit by a wave of sadness or perhaps melancholy. He looked so... I don't know... sad, sitting there in strange clothes and losing his connection to the world, and Sam telling him people were there for his 'special day'.
It was a pretty hard thing for me to see. Especially considering it's just a game. But Sam & Max have been part of my life since I was a wee kid playing Hit the Road, so in a sense I was witnessing the twilight of an old hero. A strange sensation in a game. For me at least. But thanks to Telltale for managing that.

Did anyone else feel something along the same lines or am I just an overly emotional sap? :)

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  • I don't know. I laugh a lot with Future Sam (Seriously!), but, at the same time, I feel sad for him. But I feel sadder for Future Max in fact. But the whole situation is so typical and the same time heartwarming and hilarious so... I don't know. It's a big bag of mixed feelings...

  • As he would say, "This Novel could be of use!"

  • I felt sad too, for both of them. But it seems that Max has grown up a bit because of it, too, so maybe it's a good thing. Still, very very sad.

  • I'm somewhat glad to see that I'm not alone. And as was mentioned, while sad it was also funny. I should perhaps have mentioned that. His random muttering are great, as are the random 'I can't use this...' of past Sam on board the ship. He's just an ass though. :P

  • I loved Future Sam. "I can't shoot Max, he's my little buddy!"

  • I thought it was pretty funny.

  • This reminds me of an old argument I've had with my father about a movie called "The Fortune Cookie" (as well as several other films, but that's the one that started it). I said it was a comedy; he said it was too dark to be a comedy, that it must be a drama. Well, in truth, it's a mix of comedy and drama, which is what I like best of all. The mix of genuine humanity and comedy brings the concept of comedy to a deeper level.

    Future Sam is sad. And funny. And full of humanity. Or doggity if you prefer.

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