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Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood - Spoiler Discussion!

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Here's a place to chat about the game for those who wish to talk about the later events in the story.

I've seen a few people mentioning later-game events and also expressing a desire to talk about spoilery things, so here you go!

Note obviously that you should steer clear of this thread if you want to avoid spoilers of Chapter 4's story!

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    ttg_Stemmle Telltale Staff

    I can't believe those bastiches killed off Hurley!


    Anyways, hopefully what happened with morgan, will happen with Guybrush *suddenly vanishes and will pop up at voodoo lady*

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    HoboStew Telltale Staff

    I can't wait until we find out who shot JR

  •'s as though everyone on the forum is either an incredibly good guesser or Telltale took a few cues from discussions in the forums. I'd like to believe the former honestly.

    Loved it, seemed longer than the previous episodes and the twists made it all the more interesting.

    Stan's Character honestly didn't do much for me. Sure he was slightly comedic...but not at the epic level Murray (aka: Santino) was during Chapter 3.

    Looking forward to the conclusion...and as much as it pains me to say this, I wonder how Telltale could top Tales of Monkey Island with a sequel now. I want one really bad, if nothing else for Monkey Island to continue onward....but the story just seems to be leading to a Series Epic conclusion of some sort. Please don't let that be the case TTG!!!

    BTW: I really hope Morgan isn't dead permanently......that was really anticlimactic after the hilarious bar brawl sequence.

  • it was awesome! nice work to the talltale guys. i dont think i have seen as much emotion in MI before. morgan dead! guybrush dead! wow. even tho i completed it in 4 hours was probs the hardest to me so far. and just as we started to trust le chuck he goes evil again! ^^.

    also did any1 notice (if my eyes and ears didnt dicive me ) that earl boen did the voice of evil le chuck again?

  • Both death scenes made me teary-eyed. And I LOVED the way the conversation from the opening of ep1 was echoed at the end of ep4, "Unholy this!" etc. Really nice symmetry.

  • I really, really enjoyed this one. Even if you see a plot twist coming, it was great.

    Although I think I would have liked a little more indepth about LeChuck accusing the Voodoo Lady, like reading an excerpt of the diary.

  • Good game. Thank you very much.

  • Well, my mouth dropped. I can honestly say that the story has hit a level that NONE of the previous chapters can even hold a slight candle too, and I never thought I'd say that, because I love the previous chapters.

    Nighttime. De Singe was a great villain, and I'm sorry to see him go, Stan, and the big unsurprising revelation about the Voodoo Lady.

    When the camera panned down to Morgan I was expecting Guybrush's hand. Seeing Guybrush so angry was very different.

    And when Guybrush died, I expected something to happen with the Jeu de Vie, but...he died.

    Holy ---- my favorite video game character is dead, but I REALLY can't wait for the final chapter! :D

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