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Will there be a "play one big game" option?

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I'm one of the probably thousands that ordered the ToMI series right when it became available and I'm looking forward to buying the "retail" disc once the season is complete. Now my question (which has probably been asked a hundred times before) is: Will there be an option on the full season disc to play the game without the interludes as a single executable? I'd love to play all episodes from start to finish in one file.

Maybe some of you already know an answer but otherwise it'd be great to hear from you Telltale devs if there are any plans like that.

Thanks and Congratulations to a thoroughly enjoyable re-imagining of the series and I can't wait to play the next part. The ending of ep 4 is definitely a nailbiter.

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  • I'd love it as a option but I wouldn't rage if it didn't happen. I don't think making it one big game would make the experience better per se, but seeing as it how the game is structured as one large story I guess it would be kind of nice. But, like I said, not essential.

  • I forget who or where, but one of the team members said that doing this would be essentially like building a new game altogether, so I can't say if it would be possible. However, all of the team have been open to it.

  • I would like to see that, but if it';s done then there won't be the voodoo lady's recap of the events, therefor, people who play the "complete game" will miss out. Maybe if by merging all the episodes and giving the voodoo lady a little prologue at the beginning of the game, thus making her sorta like the narrator, those 'in-betweens recaps' would make sense, but that seems a little too complicated. or is it?

  • I dunno, the way the story is presented I kind of like the episode style. Maybe they could keep all the episodes together as a single executable and play them one after the other normally with the credits and title sequences all there.

  • They said they wouldn't bother spending all the time recoding each episodes so there are no conflicts of variable names/models etc.

    I'm pretty sure they also hinted at possibly doing it if they're allowed to make a second season.

  • Yes that would be awesome, the closest to Monkey Island 5 I can get
    I disagre with that to me TMI is allready Monkey Island 5

  • The games were designed to be told in separate chapters.
    It'd take a ton of work to make all of the chapters flow together seamlessly, and then you'd lose all of the transition bits - like the Voodoo Lady's intros or Chapter 3's credit sequence, so you'd end up with less for more effort.

    So I guess I don't care if they leave it as separate episodes.

  • Think of all the stuff TTG could spend their time on instead of stitching the episodes together.
    Making more/better DVD extras, starting work on Season 2 sooner......

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