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Interesting symmetry (full of spoilers for Ch4, you have been warned)

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So... am I the only one who noticed that Guybrush's and Morgan's presumably fatal wounds are basically identical, down to the weapon and location? It could be coincidence, but it looked like both of them took the jab and slowly died... or not, seeing how Morgan was gone by the time Guybrush made it back to the house of DeSinge. The aftermath of Guybrush getting stabbed and slowly expring in Elaine's hands was not shown, so I would presume that whatever happened that made Morgan survive/revive is going to happen to Guybrush as well - be it resurrection, or someone scavenging the body. an afterthought, didn't Elaine inflict the very same wound to DeSinge? We saw how that went while there was still some Jus de Vie involved.

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