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Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventure CD?

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When I pre-ordered Wallace & Gromit, it stated that it would be followed up with a CD after the last episode. I have not received that CD. I assume since I also pre-ordered Tales of Monkey Island and it said a DVD would follow that it will soon follow after the fifth episode is completed.

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  • The collector's discs after a game season are not available that soon after the final episode. It can take months between the release of the last episode and the release of the disc. In fact, you can not have received Wallace and Gromit disc because it's not out yet. It will be available next November 4th, as Telltale said in this blog post

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    David E Telltale Staff

    We'll be taking orders for the disc starting this week, which you'll be able to get for $0 (since you're a season subscriber already). The disc will ship out some time later.

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