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Petition to give Telltale all rights & money to make the non-episodic Monkey Island 5

posted by Lockmort on - last edited - Viewed by 580 users

I really hope from the bottom my heart Lucasarts will see what an enormous succes Tales was and they'll give Telltale the rights to make Monkey Island 5 (or 6 if you wanna count Tales as 5).

Telltale, you're doing an amazing job. Lets not forget most fans turned their backs at the series after Escape (which I still hate), but you totally turned that around.
Ofcourse you guys have major restrictions, these are all short episodes and you cant have long streching puzzles or many more optional jokes, but you still make it into perfection.

I would buy a 1000000 extra copies of Tales if that would make Lucasarts give Telltale money to make a non episodic, full blown, Monkey Island 5 game.

Please Lucasarts, have a heart, give the new kings of adventure gaming your game rights, pay them a shit load of money, and let us get Monkey Island 5!

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