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ToMI Chapter 1 and 2 saves

posted by Farlander on - last edited - Viewed by 81 users

Hey guys. I'm too lazy right now to go through Chapters 1 and 2 again all over from the beginning (maybe later) and I've lost all my saves, so... if someone has saves for ToMI Ch1 and 2 (and preferably, if this someone saves A LOT), could he, please, upload them?

I just have an idea for a small MI fan-vid, would like to make it, like, today.

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  • Kinda upping the thread, really.
    Halfway through Chapter 1 (got till DeSinge's lab)
    But really. Doesn't ANYBODY have savefiles left somewhere? It would greatly help, a good part of the video is finished (ep3-4 footage plus what I've already got from ep1).
    Thanks in advance.

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