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End of Chapter 4: My kids' theories on Chapter 5 (spoiler for Chap 4 ending)

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So we're playing TOMI as a family, and the kids are 6 (Imp) and 8 (Pixie) years old. They've watched us play SMI on Xbox and CMI on an elderly computer, so we're playing TOMI together, so we can all work out the puzzles. (The kids are pretty good at coming up with stuff, too.)

We just finished Chapter 4, and the kids immediately theorized about what will happen in Chapter 5.

Imp: Is Guybrush dead now?
Me: Looks like it.
Pixie: So do we get to play Elaine?
Imp: Maybe we play his hand!
Pixie: Or Elaine and the hand!
Imp: But his hand can't talk. It can only use sign language.
Pixie: I'd like to play as Elaine.
Me: Well, it's possible Guybrush isn't really dead, or will come back.
(they ignore me)
Imp: Hey! Guybrush is an angel now. Maybe we play as Guybrush the angel!
Pixie: He'd be a pirate angel. With little wings.
Imp: Then he could fly across the island and get revenge on LeChuck!

They also suggested using Elaine's ring to focus the fireflies' light into a laser to shoot De Singe. It's hard to be limited by game mechanics... :D

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