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It got worse during W&G and I havent been able to play any episode of TMI yet

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I was wondering about the system requeriments for the games. I have never had problems running any S&M og SB games. The first W&G worked fine, but 2 and 3 begun my problems. It took a loooong time after I clicked the icon before the game started. But once it got going, it went overall fine. But TMI is taking forever to start, and once I got the start picture, set the detail to low and but nothing happend. Now nothing happens when I click the game Exe file. I would really like to play the game I bought since I am a huge MI fan, but I cannot afford a new lappy just now. I have updated the latest Direct X and it is a Centrino Duo 1,8 Ghz with two gigs of ram and Windows Xp.


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