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Weird bug, had to restart the game

posted by Wusodoolo on - last edited - Viewed by 42 users

The first time I played episode 4, I got up to where both LeChuck and the Voodoo Lady had been locked up. as I walked towards the Voodoo lady, she automatically told GB that they needed to talk. Suddenly, GB was in LeChuck's cell, agreeing that they needed to talk. But when the dialogue list opened up, he was in front of her cell again. Thinking it was just a weird graphical glitch, i did the whole getting the menu thing. but when i left the convo, i was back in LeChuck's cell. I could interact with the (not so) loose bar and the (not so) loose plastering as if I had just called a recess, but the guard wasn't there so i couldn't get out. talking with LeChuck made me leave the cell, but only untill i stopped talking to him, then I went right back into the cell. Oh, and shaking the bar made the guard suddenly appear to tell me to stop before vanishing again. I had to restart the episode and go back to that point, but this time, everything played normally. any idea why this could have happened?

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