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W&G Season purchase possible problem

posted by Ravenger on - last edited - Viewed by 119 users

Hi, I tried to buy the W&G full season for $20 after downloading the free episode, but only the free episode is showing up in my list of games for download.

However on the 'my games' page I have a reference to a back order for the Wallace and Gromit upgrade disc as well as the free episode.

I must admit I'm a little confused here and I may have ordered the wrong item :(

Basically I'm not really bothered about getting all the episodes on disc, I just wanted to download the entire season for $20, with the disc as a nice bonus if possible.

Thanks in advance!

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    David E Telltale Staff

    Hey Ravenger, we're looking into these issues right now! Thanks for reporting it.

  • Sorry, the products were set up just slightly incorrect enough that we didn't notice but also that people buying the upgrade didn't get serial numbers. It's hopefully been fixed now, please post here if you can't see your downloads.

  • Many thanks! All the games are now showing up in my download list.

    Very much appreciated!

  • Greetings,

    I'm having a problem as well, albeit of a different nature.

    I tried to buy the full Wallace & Gromit Season straight from the 20th anniversary page at

    - The stated price for the special offer is $20.
    - I select one charity at step 1.
    - As I also wish to receive the DVD, I check that checkbox during step 2.

    But then, whenever I place my order, the cart shows the W&G Collector's DVD backordered for a price of $34.95! Where is the special price gone? Is there something I misunderstood and the special price only applies to digital versions of the game?

    I own none of the episodes so far but would very much like to own them.


  • I also had the issue with the download plus DVD costing $34.95 (but the download only costing $19.95). I got around this issue by filling out the form to get the free episode 3. Once it saw that I owned an episode, then I was able to purchase the season upgrade plus DVD for $19.95 plus the shipping for the DVD.

    I suspect the other way around this issue is to simply buy the download only for $20, then email them asking for the DVD (since the DVDs are always only cost of shipping with the purchase of season download of Sam & Max, Wallace & Gromit, Strong Bad, etc.).


  • Thanks guys, the discount wasn't being applied to the season + disc (just the season without disc), fixed now!

  • @mikew said: Thanks guys, the discount wasn't being applied to the season + disc (just the season without disc), fixed now!

    Hey thanks a lot! Order placed!

    Looking forward to enjoying the games (not so forward to having to buy them again when/if they are released for the Mac, but oh well... that's another story!).

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