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You've probably already answered this a dozen times, so I shall prepare to avoid the mass of stationary about to be thrown at me...

If I bought one of TTG's games on DVD from a third party (e.g. Amazon/ is there any way (like registering it) that will put the episodes of that game onto my account so I can download if I lose the CD, or is this a luxury only to be gotten from purchasing direct from TTG? (Housing the eps on an account on your site is a great feature btw, as someone who dislikes valve etc. :))

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  • Since Telltale doesn't even produce most of the DVDs sold elsewhere I'm afraid the answer is almost guaranteed "no".

    At least I wouldn't have the slightest idea how or why I would be able to register my JoWooD-made DVD of Sam & Max season one with my Telltale account...

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  • You can ask Telltale Support. I bought a hard copy of S&M Season 1 from Purcell himself at Comic Con a few years ago and when I asked about getting it "synchronized" to my account, Telltale activated the season downloads for me. However, this was after I told them the DVD had an activation code that no longer worked on the current site.

  • Aha, I never noticed who published it. Thought it would have been TTG.

    Thanks for the help :)

  • The Purcell copies were slightly different, since they were our official version. We try and hook up convention buyers, but it gets a little more difficult when it's a store bought version or whatever.

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