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Who is Tales's real villain?

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Who do you think will be revealed as the real villain in chapter 5?

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  • Definitely LeChuck. The Voodoo Lady isn't evil, LeChuck is playing some sort of trick or twisting the truth to make her seem like a villain.

  • I say LeChuck and the Voodoo Lady are in cahoots.

  • LeChuck definitely... while Voodoo Lady is no doubt manipulating everyone, I think her intentions at least are good. Or neutral.

  • Or maybe she has been manipulating LeChuck and Guybrush trying to get them to do all the leg work (she cant walk after all .... I guess) to find out how to become/raise the Pirate God.... But I bet it backfires and LeChucky becomes the PG and then it will be up to GT to clean up the mess... or make one...

    Its possible LeChuck has been her instrument the whole time and Guybrush is her cleaner as in Chucks does the dirty deeds and Guybrush stops him if he goes too far... both manipulated by the Voodoo Lady... It would definitely be a great twist to the story.

  • So the Voodoo Lady is the keeper of the balance between good and evil, (while still pursuing her own agenda?)... I like that idea.

    What's her motivation? Caribbean-dominating power??

  • If not for Tales I'd have gone for Elaine. Makes a lot of sense when you consider what happens around her.

    SoMI: Sends Lechiuck to the dangerous waters of Monkey Islands. Unfortunatley LeChuck's knowledge of voodoo means he does not depart when he dies. Elaine now uses Guybrush as stalking horse and tries to get rid of him when he has almost succeeded.
    LCR: Dumps him for no adequately explained reason. Feels guilty when Guybrush enthralled. (Voodo Lady's advice turned out to be true - (Guybrush did get the treasure he desired)
    CMI: Nothing
    EMI: tries to get rid of Guybrush again, first by getting him framed, then sending him to Monkey Island and finally by pushing him off a cliff.

    Did Ron Gilbert plan Elaine to be the real villain? The cycle we are finally off is Elaine's moodswings

    Morgan is very much a more open and younger Elaine.

  • @Irishmile said: Or maybe she has been manipulating LeChuck and Guybrush trying to get them to do all the leg work (she cant walk after all .... I guess)

    Sure she can walk. D'Oro was saying how when the shack was set on fire she stalked out "muttering curses with each step she took."

  • It's sorta both. LeChuck is obviously the age old villain. But I think there's someone else who is manipulating things (not the Voodoo lady)

  • LeChuck. Though I hope they will do something interesting with him--after four games, "I will kill Guybrush and marry Elaine!" gets a bit old.

    That's why I was actually glad to see him as good and human this season, and why I was a little disappointed with the return to evil at the end of the game. Though not too disappointed, because that ending scene was shocking in the most epic of ways.

  • Yeah, even though he's the classic villian, I was actually hoping to see him stay in his human form, and become a supporting character and introducing a new villian. But oh well, perhaps this is for the best.

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