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Activation not working in cedega

posted by grimborg on - last edited - Viewed by 96 users

I cannot run the game (Tales of Monkey Island) in cedega _or_ wine: I enter my serial code, which I paid for, then I get a white page and that's it.

Yes, I also tried plain wine with the instructions in the support forum, but got no fullscreen, no sound and very slow grapics (my machine is 2.6GHz with nvidia, so it should work perfectly). And also I can only play the demo, because the serial verification doesn't work there either.

What pisses me off beyond avail is that it is the f*cking serial code verification what's keeping me off the game. I f*cking payed for it: order 600021651723243. If you must verify the code at least do that in a way that won't kick legit customers out of the game. Using a browser window for that? Seriously, what a stupid idea --and a source of trouble.

Any solutions? Can I put my serial number in some file that will just get read by the executable and let me play the game? Or it's stored in a super secret way that the paying customers cannot be made aware of?

Money back?

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