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[issue-22464] Order failed, trouble with coupons

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I sent an email to the support team about a week ago, and never got an answer. This has already happened a few months ago, I guess you're not receiving my emails. So I'm trying here.

I tried to purchase several games from the Telltale Store, using two coupons. I got the first when I pre-ordered ToMI, to get one free episode of any series, and the second with the treasure hunting, to get 50% off any single episode.
However, there was a problem during the checkout. Something got wrong just before confirming the payment (PayPal), and I was redirected to my cart, which was then empty. So I put the games in my cart again. But when I tried to use the coupons as well, I found that they were considered as already used ("Sorry, that coupon code is invalid or can't be used for this order").
But this is not true, as I could not get to the end of my purchase (my PayPal account indicates no payment, and the purchases are not in my Telltale account either).

I'd like to be able to use them.
Can you help me please ?
Thank you.

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