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Suggestion on future DVDs

posted by Javi-Wan Kenobi on - last edited - Viewed by 96 users

I've just received the Season 1 and 2 Collector's DVDs. Whoa!!! There's a lot of extra stuff!!!
I only have a suggestion, and I hope Telltale takes note of it:
Please, add subtitles to the extras.
I'm not even asking for localiced subtitles in other languages. Just English subtitles. Many people will thank you for it. At least, two great groups of people:
1.- Hearing-impaired people. It's obvious
2.- Most not-native English speakers. Usually, they -we- can understand written English better than spoken English, specially when it's cartoony spoken (shorts, outtakes, etc...), or when you hear a voice-over with little or no context and you don't see the speaker (audio-commentaries...)

Maybe it's late for Telltale to add subtitles on Wallace & Gromit's DVD, but I really hope they add subtitles when ToMI's DVD is released.

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