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  • TOMI is a very good game. It really impressed me a lot, maybe I was expecting something not so good because I didn't like so much the Escape from MI. I particularly guess the story closes in itself. The cliffhangers only give a way to develop it and will be a waste not to use them.

  • Fuck it. Maybe if they resurrect the movie, it will resurrect Telltale’s desire to make Season 2. Unless Ron Gilbert gets his rights back, first.

  • Fuck it. Maybe if they resurrect the movie, it will resurrect Telltale desire to make Season 2. Unless Ron Gilbert gets his rights back, first.

    I definitely agree with this statement! I would love to see Ron crank out another MI title. I guarantee you a Monkey Island Kickstarter campaign would 'splode if Ron put it out there.

    Whatever happens Telltale, please, for the love of Threepwood, don't let TOMI be the last we ever see of MI.

  • I'm kinda starting to lose faith that they'll ever want to revisit MI. I mean, from a business standpoint the licenses they've been tackling reach a wider audience. Still wish they would though. Hell knows, even the new followers they gained with the more mainstream licenses could be curious and buy a new TOMI.

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    Frequent interviews with Telltale state they are moving away from wanting to be a "Mini LucasArts" and that Walking Dead helped them "find their voice." Alongside that, who knows the fate of Monkey Island after Disney acquired LucasArts and if they will be wiling to share it. I'm afraid that things look rather grim. :/

  • I agree with Blind Sniper, the future does indeed look rather grim. I do wish they'd come out officially and state one way or the other the direction the company intends to take and I still have hope that one day they'll return to their roots. At the very least they could put out more graphic adventure games as fan service to the loyal fan base who has helped them pay their bills until they found "their voice".

    There is one thing that's funny to me. If they really said they were moving away from being a "Mini Lucasarts", building a game studio around graphic adventure games only to abandon them to cash in on more lucrative licensed games is almost exactly the path that LucasArts went down. As an adventure game fan it's almost as disappointing this second time around. Oh well, at least there's Double Fine.

  • Please just let us MI fans know what is going on... If anything. If there are to be no more Telltale MI games then let us know so we can start bugging Disney about it! :-)

  • I don't think it's up to Telltale Games at all at this point. And even if it was, I don't see it happening with all the huge mainstream hits they have lined up for the overseeable future.

  • It's more like will they persue some sort of agreement with Disney.

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