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My chapter 4 save is bugged and I can't continue (spoilers)

posted by TornSoul on - last edited - Viewed by 105 users

I finished with all of the initial witnesses and now I'm out of the cell and LeChuck and the voodoo lady are in the cells. However, the game thinks I'm still stuck in the cell.

The game loads and I'm right out front of the cells. I can click on either lechuck or the voodoo lady to talk. If I try to move at all, the character model immediately snaps into the cell I was stuck in, so guybrush is inside of lechuck. While inside the cell, I can move around to the extremities of the cell and the only things I can click on are the part of the bars that's steel, lechuck, and the voodoo lady.

If I talk to LeChuck or the voodoo lady, guybrush magically snaps out of the cell into his proper position to talk. When I end the dialog, he's still there and outside of the cell. As soon as I try to move at all, he snaps back into the cell and I'm stuck there again.

Any possible fixes?

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