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Sound on DVD

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So, this is yet another of those "Please do this" threads, and I'm sorry about that.

I was watching videos of TMI earlier. There's this thing that's been bothering me since Spinner Cay. Specifically, it's...I guess low compression on background sounds. For example, the waterfall in Spinner Cay, or the wind at the very end of Chapter Four, which at times sounds a little like when air being blown through teeth. Uh, I might be wrong (hell, chances are I am wrong), but it's noticeable and detracts from the game, I think. Not to the point where I dislike it, but it's very much there.

And I was wondering if you guys could fix that for the DVD release. It's not something that's super necessary (assuming it even exists and isn't a fragment of my own imagination), but it'd be a nice thing to have.

Good job overall, though. I'll shut up now.

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