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Free Episode code that was given with Tales of Monkey Island Pre-Orders

posted by KevinSig on - last edited - Viewed by 165 users

My question is this, was there any statute of limitations on the free episode? I still have my code, but I haven't used it yet. I got a reminder sent to me 10/26, so I'm fairly certain the code is still good.

I just want to find out if I need to use it by a certain date.

Also, can I give away the code to somebody else? Frankly, the only Telltale games I don't have are 2 of the 4 W&G episodes, and the ones I've tried just don't really make me want any other episodes. (Sorry, not a W&G fan, and the puzzles alone weren't enough to thrill me with this series. I'd already tried one episode.)

Thanks in advance...


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