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Having a big prob!

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Hi Everyone,

I am a little behind, and only just got round to playing Tales of Monkey Island Part 2, I have reached the end sequence where my mast has been broken after insulting Mcgillycutty and i'm stuck on my ship. Nothing is clickable and i can't progess with gameplay. I know i need to use the map to be able to go and fix the mast and i just can't click on it ,it's so frustrating because i know i'm close to the end of this part. :mad:

Has anyone else experienced this? Am i just being really dense and there is something dead obvious i should be doing. I'm using Wii Ware and i know that this is buggier than the PC version but i at least expected to be able to finish the game.

Also if the worst comes to it and i can't finish this part :( if i download the next part will it be effected by me not finishing the second one?

any advice is gratefully received... thx!

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