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FLASHFILM - I wonder what happens in »ToMI - Rise of the Pirate God«

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Click on the picture or here to watch.

OMG! Here it is! Can’t believe it! Wooh!

Martin did his best work. Really. Just look at that picture here! Jeez!
Andrei does what he does best… And it’s very very brilliant. You’ll like it. His work will stick in your head. Muahaharharhar!
Suro plays that guy in that funny scene (I am trying to avoid spoilers here!). Anyway, beautifully british.

And then theres Smudo.
People from Germany will be happy to hear that the famous awesome hip-hop-singer Smudo of the band »Die fantastischen Vier« is a Monkey-Island-Fan. He was happy to join the team, and… well… his voice is just brilliant. You’ll see.

We had a lot of fun making the best and loudest »I wonder what happens« of the carribean!
Have fun, people.

And thank you guys, for the last five month, for all the support and fun. THANKS!!

Now go and watch that movie, damnit!


Watched it? Cool! Hope you had fun!
Interested in some downloadables? There you go!

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