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The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition on PC it legit???

posted by Wolfstar27 on - last edited - Viewed by 393 users

Hi friends of the Monkey Island world, just did a random search on ebay for anything Monkey Island related, and funny enough i came across this

its "The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition" on PC DVD, ive been searching through the net and cant locate a copy in a retail i was wondering if anybody knows about this and if its actually a retail copy of the game?

many thanks


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  • No it is not Legit, lucasarts hasn't confirmed a DVD. The only way to get the game, is to dl it from Steam and or Xbox Live.

  • Yeah i know, ive got the game off steam, and xbox live and also on my iphone,(as you can see how much of a geek i am lol) but it baffeled me when i saw that ebay listing

  • [quote]Hello. I know, I'm a newbie on Ebay and most of You Guys don't trust me.[/quote]
    [quote]So don't hesitate, buy with confidence. I'm not here to cheat anybody![/quote]
    [quote]game is brand new, sealed and authentic, but it don't have paper manual and dvd-key for online services[/quote]

    Sealed, but without the "paper manual"...:confused:

    Yeah this guy seems totally legit...:rolleyes:


    Other than this thread Googling "secret of monkey island" "special edition" +dvd just turned up a bunch of dead links, press releases (mentioning Steam and XBLA but no DVD), and torrent sites.

  • @Icedhope said: No it is not Legit, lucasarts hasn't confirmed a DVD. The only way to get the game, is to dl it from Steam and or Xbox Live.

    That's not can also get it from Direct2Drive.

    Also, the cover art is made by a fan (replaced Guybrush face).

  • The listing also says This is an OEM game for market of Eastern Europe .

    Now, I'm perfectly willing to believe that Lucasarts might have sold an English/Russian edition on disc in Eastern Europe, and that somebody on ebay in Turkey might have bought it. But "OEM" stands for "original equipment manufacturer". If you buy a computer chip off Intel and ask them not to write "Intel" on it so you can sell it with your own brand, that's OEM. I doubt that Lucasarts would be prepared to flog their games to wholesalers as though the wholesalers were publishers....

    I assume one of youse guys has tipped ebay the wink that the goods are iffy?

  • Like I said, the cover art is a fanmade variation. It's not sanctioned by LucasArts. Actually, an interesting tidbit was when it was first released (or about to be released) on XBox the news item icon on the NXE menu was using the fanmade art. A guy on the MixnMojo forums took a picture of it. Pretty neat. That was Microsoft's fault though. There's no way LucasArts would make the same mistake.

  • No, it's not legit. LucasArts never officialy released any Monkey Island game on the Russian market. It's, NeoGame's I suppose, bootleg pirate copy with a, most likely, PROMT-like (or other computer translating programm) translation (of very low quality, that is).

  • It's too bad it's not real. LucasArts really does need to go retail with the game, and Telltale needs to go retail with Tales. Get the word of Monkeys out to the public!

  • The fan art puts the lucasarts version to shame

  • @xChri5x said: The fan art puts the lucasarts version to shame

    Hah. Only by a few pixels.

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