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csi deadlyintent case 2 video crash

posted by Frie on - last edited - Viewed by 171 users

Hi! In the second case everything works fine until I try to watch the video! Then the game and my computer crashes. Any ideas? Is there maybe a savegame or a patch available? Thank you!

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  • I have Windows Vista, and when I got the new computer, I tried to install my previous two CSI games, Deadly Intentions and one that was from before that. Neither of them would work. Is there a way to make those work?
    If I get the new Deadly Intent, which someone told me is better anyway, will it work on Vista? I don't want to ask for it as a Christmas gift if when I get it, it won't work on my Vista.

  • Hi: I hope this will help: it says windows vista works on my dvd case so I suppose windows vista will work. excuse my english tried to translate most of the german recommendations(?).
    Deadly Intent
    Systems: Windows® XP (SP3), Windows Vista® (SP1)
    Prozessor: Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP mit 2 GHz (recommended: Pentium 4 /
    Athlon 64 mit 3 GHz)
    RAM: 512 MB für XP / 1 GB für Vista (recommended: 1 GB für XP / 2 GB für Vista)
    Grafikkarte: DirectX 9.0c–kompatible Grafikkarte mit 64 MB (64 Bit Busbreite)
    (recommended: DirectX 9.0c–kompatible Grafikkarte mit 128MB (128 Bit Busbreite)
    Soundkarte: Alle DirectX 9.0c–kompatiblen Soundkarten
    DirectX-Version: DirectX 9.0c für XP (on Disc) / DirectX 10 für Vista
    DVD-ROM: 4x DVD-ROM or higher.
    Free main disk space : 6 GB
    Supported Peripheriesppliances: PS2-/USB-Tastatur und Maus needed* Supported Grafikcards
    NVIDIA-Karten der Reihen 5900, GeForce6, 7, 8, 9, GTX
    ATI-Karten der Reihen 9600-9800, Xx00, X1000, HD2000, HD3000, HD4000
    The Laptop-Versions of this cards can work but are not supported.

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