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Your LucasArts treasures (and Telltale, too)

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Heya there,

Somehow the threads about the original packagings of old LEC games brought me to an idea:

What classic LucasArts (or Telltale) goodies do you own and is there a personal story behind them?

I think I'll just start:

Grim Fandango

Just as the demo came out, I knew I want this game bad. As it was way before online webshops, I had to go to a store in Cologne, Germany which imported English versions of games and got my copy there.

However, after I played this through, I got a German dubbed copy from a friend, and liked it as much as the original. So I went and got myself a German copy as well. Here are the pictures of the German packaging I took. Note that the German cd case was a simple Dual jewel case, not the cardboard packaging like the US version:


But there is more to it. Right at the time, the German LucasArts distributor from the old days, Softgold, made an online lottery with a chance to win some prizes - you had to write a poem about the Grim Fandango world. And in fact, I did win one of them. In fact, there were many of them:

- Poster of Grim Fandango (German language) - sadly, I don't think I still have it. It was a poster of the cover packshot.
- T-Shirt. In fact, I still have one of these, or even two. Even though they are both quite worn out, I still wear them. :)
- Demo/Trailer CD. This was some surprise for me, as the demo CD not only contained the German GF demo, but also a trailer for the game - entirely in German!

In fact, it was not until recently that I found this CD and managed to recode the trailer for the common viewing. So if you ever wondered why everybody likes the German localization of Grim Fandango, you can find out why. The German voices are just superb, and Manny Calavera is voiced by Tommy Piper, the German voice of Alf. This German trailer has become very rare since, so I was really glad I could find it.

Watch the German GF trailer

The packaging of the demo was however quite standard - a cardboard box:


Last but not least, the gift package from Softgold included this little treasure:

The Original Soundtrack. It was not until recently that I found out that this has become so extremely rare that it's worth over $100 on eBay. However, I'll never sell it.

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  • The next treasure in my collection is:

    Sam & Max Season One by Telltale

    I already owned the Telltale versions of Sam & Max and even their collector's DVD. However, I was wondering how the German localization came out, so I found a bargain at the German amazon for the first season (like, 4 EUR or so). As I found out there was more to this:
    - It also contained the original English language versions as well as French, Italian and other languages,
    - the package contains several bonus materials and a soundtrack excerpt in MP3 format,
    - it really remined of the good old LEC times when games were packaged in sturdy cardboard boxes and had printed manuals. Also, it contains a nice Sam & Max poster!


    To compare, the DVD from Telltale is also very nice, however, its delivery alone has cost me more than the entire German DVD:


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    The Original Soundtrack. It was not until recently that I found out that this has become so extremely rare that it's worth over $100 on eBay. However, I'll never sell it.[/QUOTE]

    ive been looking for this soundtrack for awhile but sadly cant find it :(, i do have all Monkey Island in orignal boxes, i even got Monkey Island 1 on CD just as a soundtrack cd, ive also got Escape from monkey Island on PS2 aswell....i do have grim fandango, but sadly in a dvd case and not a cool box

  • I only have the original boxed Curse of Monkey Island. I imported this through a friend who worked at LucasArts at that time, being able to get it for just US$10, along with X-Wing and Tie Fighter CD versions for 7 bucks each...

    I remember how astonished I was that the German CMI box had in fact a monkey on the logo, whereas the English didn't.

  • Oh wow. The physical versions of my LucasArts stuff is...somewhere?

    I have mostly physical Telltale stuff. The case files for both seasons, the "The Street" Season One signed poster print, and three copies of Surfin' the Highway. Oh, and three of their season DVDs, but I don't think that counts. And there's a Flamin' Max hat sitting around somewhere from their hat sale.

  • I have the cassette tape that came with my mac version of loom in the early 90's, that explained bobbin's backstory ala radio theatre. I listened to that tape so many freaking times as a kid.

  • I buy Grim Fandango everytime I see it on any store. (have 6 copies)
    I was 7 when I first played it, and my entire family repeat Manny's quotes often.

  • DSC02900.jpg

    No Mix-n-Mojo wheel, though.

  • my ex girlfriend has a boxed amiga copy of Monkey Island 2, mix n mojo wheel an everything, i think one of the discs is missing though :/ and inside the box is also the first game all disks aswell,

    i only have curse and escape, see theres a funny story about my curse of monkey island,
    i originally bought Curse and Escape together 5 quid each in about 2003 after one of my teachers in school forced me to play monkey island knowing id love it, well, when i got home to play them, my computer could only run 3d games, anything in 2d it didnt want to know, i was pretty young then so i cant remember the specs, well anyway, i kept escape and took curse (which i prefered much more than escape) over people houses and to many computers in school, well i got fed up of this and traded it in.

    so this monkey island resurgence begins and i realise, ive not only left escape over said ex girlfriends, but sold curse, and having stayed in touch with the teacher who got me into MI, found out he will not part with 1 & 2 for ANYTHING, crud, so i run to ebay, and bid n bid n bid, and i got sniped,sniped and sniped. i was just about to buy a copy of curse for 15 quid then i got sniped. so im walking through town one day with another now ex girlfriends dad (he really liked me, and he was a massive PC gamer anyway cool guy) and he stops to talk to a pc repair guy just to have a chat, and the notice the bloke next to him selling classic PC games, for a pound each. Curse is there, i snatch it pay the pound and cradle it to my chest thanking the seller soo much, then i notice every single tomb raider there, turns out the original owner of the game was the sellers nephew, who has since moved to canada as a kind of mercanery programmer, turns out he was one of the original team on tomb raider one, a bug fixer, now he lives out in canada and all the canadian game companies hire him out to look over their code when they cant spot a problem. cool huh, i got a copy of curse from one of the tomb raider devs!

    oh, and just the other day, british folks, i was walking through wilkinson and went straight to the bargain games, usually all rubbish, sometimes theres something decent there well anyway, for 3.99 i spot something i didnt expect to find, a sealed copy of hit the road, i grabbed it and ran, ive spotted it a couple times now in a few wilkinsons, so, keep your eyes out guys, oh, i got escpae back in the end, i went over my ex's house whilst she was drunk, went upstairs with her, she flopped over her bed, i spotted escape (just above that lush boxed MI2) snatched it, held it above my head with one hand loudly humming the zelda item tune, then ran away home! best part is, the ex doesnt remember it, im completly scott free!!! WOOHOO, although she did know what i was doing whilst she was drunk, she looked at me and said, your doing that zelda thing again...

  • That's some nice collection, GuruGuru214!

    I wonder what happens if you mail the free subscription card to LucasArts now. :)

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