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LeChuck's Lover

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So, I thought it was interesting that when Galeb told Guybrush the story of how LeChuck used a spell to break out of the crossroads, he mentioned that LeChuck was driven to escape in order to get back to the love of his life.

Later, when Guybrush was talking to dead seagull Voodoo Lady he asked if LeChuck had been able to get out of the crossroads because LeChuck brought a shred of life with him too. The Voodoo Lady responded that LeChuck might have brought someone else's thread of life with him- not his own.

I'm wondering if these two things are connected. Did the shred of life LeChuck brought with him belong to this unknown lover? Did LeChuck even have a lover or was that one of Galeb's lies? Could LeChuck's former love life tie into his history with the Voodoo Lady? I don't know what to make of those bits of information.

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  • Elaine was the love of his life, even though she rejected him.



    In CMI during the crypt scene its revealed that LeChuck was to marry the goodsoup lady but instead stole her diamond from her ring and left. She died of a broken heart, so did he maybe steal her last shred of life?

  • I thought it was a hint that the Voodoo Lady herself gave him something to get him back into the corporeal world. Besides, it didn't necessarily have to be a Shred of Life, I think it could have been anything that someone might have hung onto after dying. Anyhow I think it's pretty conclusive that the Voodoo Lady has big, mysterious plans for the both of them, so I think LeChuck's first escape from death was only the beginning of her voodoo machinations.

  • It doesn't make much sense to me if it was VL that gave him something to grant him a return from the crossroads, but then again I have no clue what they're doing with that VL. If LeChuck ever wanted to cling to life I would think it would be for 1) winning Elaines heart 2) Getting revenge on all pirates that ever crossed him 3) Seeking power and wealth like any other pirate. Seems to me like he has more reasons to grasp life than Guybrush does.

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