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Feedback for the future (for Telltale officials also)

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I just finished Tales of Monkey Island. The last episode was alright although the afterlife setting was so delicious it was kind of disappointing how limited the episode turned out to be. For me The Launch of the Screaming Narwhal was a return to the golden age of adventure games but the latter episodes never could achieve the same kind of momentum. The whole recycling of locations and character models is done for me now. Telltale used the time machine thing in Sam & Max 2 and also the hell setting which heavily recycled locations. And now the afterlife in Tales. Don't get me wrong, you've done it very inventively but it's seriously starting to bug me.

Telltale has to broaden up their approach. I see at least two ways of doing this: 1) take up more time developing the game to build up much wider locations and variety of characters and then divide the game into chapters. Either take more time before publishing the first episode or have episodes published every two or three months (so that one season would take a year, for example) 2) Publish one or two small "recycle" games a year but also develop a full game and publish it in its entirety in a couple of years.
You've obviously got talent but with this system the games will lose their appeal in the long run. You've done so much to make the adventure genre alive again, now it's time to reinvent and change gears.

Thanks for bringing back Monkey Island and may the winds be with you,

- Youso Rasanen, writer, Finland

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