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Character model dilemma

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If Telltale makes another Monkey Island game (which seems inevitable), then there's a huge dilemma that needs looking at urgently. If you're not sitting down, then find a chair before reading this because the nature of this dilemma will blow your mind.

In every Monkey Island game, Guybrush has looked completely different to his previous version. What do people think about keeping him the same for the next game? Telltale's "tradition" of keeping the same character models (and GUI amongst other things, for that matter) over serieseses seems contrary to Monkey Island's tradition of reinventing itself. To me it might feel kind of weird to have two games in a row that are too similar aesthetically. What do people think?

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  • Personally, this model is my favorite so far, so I hope they keep it. I even like his outfit, but I hope they change that, just to have something different.

  • Well there was no difference between the 1 and 2, design speaking.

    So they can just change his beard / hair cut and of course, clothes. Changing the coat seems a good way to make Guybrush look way different.

    But I would have loved a complete redesign of the whole game actually, a slightly less disproportioned Guybrush would be nice. But it's telltale. We sure will get bugeye winslow Morgan and Co come back, and identical.

  • I have no issue if they keep Guybrush the same for the next season, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping that season 2 will stop recycling the models of the other less important pirates. Seeing clones of pirates from island to island really gave me a sense of dejavu.

  • I actually love the character style, so I don't mind the disproportionate features returning, haha. I myself am an exaggerated skinny neck/arm/leg/waist/etc. artist when it comes to cartoons, so I don't mind it. A new costume would be great, though!

  • I think the only reason Guybrush's character design was different in each game is because of his age difference in each game. If the second ToMI season continues from where it's left, I don't necessarily see a reason to change his design. (Also, i do think this design is one of the best)

  • give him a new beard and new clothes at the very least

  • These were wonderful character models. As long as Tell Tale does more ToMI, I do not want them to change much if at all.

  • New beard or outfit? Sure. New character model? Definitely not! I loved the way the characters look in Tales, Guybrush most of all. Whenever I think of a character from Monkey Island, its Tales iteration is always the one that springs to mind. Their faces are so expressive!

    The only exception is Stan. When I think of him, I think of SMI and LCR's sprites. That's not to say I didn't love the Stan in Tales. They got him as good as they could in 3D. Best voice actor yet, awesome adaptation of his had-waving, and of course, perfect job on his jacket.

  • What about if Telltale went Metal Gear Solid 4 on us and had Guybrush as an elderly man? Might as well show the whole story!


  • I'd like to see at least an updated outfit and maybe some other changes. Perhaps not a complete model overhaul, but it's part of the fun to discuss the look of the latest Guybrush.

    I hope they'll consider focusing on 360/PC release this time to give them more resources to play with. Tales looks great a lot of the time, but it could better.

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