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I am guilty of obsession...

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... with a corssdressing comuter program.

For any and all of you who listen to foreign music and such, I have an obsession with Vocaloid and UTAU. Both are voice synthesizer programs. VOCALOID costs money, UTAU is free to download.

Traploids/ Vipperloids are fake vocaloids made as pranks. They are iven official-looking pages with lots of information and almost impossible-to-find bits that give away the fact that they're traps.

The newestone, Namine Ritsu, is my current obsession.

He is male. He's a crosssdresser. He's a traploid. His voice is girly. He stuffs himself.

And his voice is beautiful. I love him so much ;A;

Drawing him is a pain in the hook, though.

Anyway, listen to him, he's got an amazing voice actor:

Song: [D O L L S]
Song: Ievann Polkka [just a verse]
Song: SAIHATE ~The Farthest End~

You can't tell me that's not a beautiful voice ;A;

anyway, just needed to get that off my chest, and I think my buddies on dA are sick of my Ritsu obsession xDDD

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