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50% off for a season does not work

posted by HaggisMcMutton on - last edited - Viewed by 115 users

It seems the 50% off a single season coupons (from the monkey Island treasure hunting) are not working. It's been replaced with a 5% off coupon and the 50% off a single episode has been replaced with a $1 off coupon. I did try the 50% off a season coupon a while back to see if it worked, then i removed it and emptied my shopping cart. With this being the last day for the coupons I was going to buy sam and max seasons 1 and 2 with them, but now without those discounts I'm afraid to say that I cannot afford them now :( (at least for the time being). Iv'e noticed some other people have had similar problems and was wondering if there was a work-around?

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