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Welcome to TGWYMAFRL, or The Game Where You Make Acronyms From Random Letters.

It's a really simple game - you type a series of random letters (not too many though, 4-6 is a pretty good number) and the next user makes a coherent phrase/sentence from those letters. Here's an example:

User 1: FJTRN

User 2: Frozen Juice Tastes Really Nice



User 3: This Game Is Super Awesome



And so on.


1. Your post should have both a phrase and a new set of letters (separated by ---'s if you want to be neat)

2. If you're struggling to come up with something, you can always skip and just post your own letters. This will stop the thread from dying. If the next user wants, she can post a phrase for both your set of letters and the one you skipped :)

3. You can post a huge amount of letters if you want, but don't be surprised if the next user just skips :P

Ok, here we go. JCIDPEL

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