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Pirate-y-y-y stories.

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What about sharing short piratey* stories?

When I finished the episode 1 and Guybrush was watching his buttercup receiving a flower from LeChuck I thought: -wow! This is going to be interesting: LeChuck become good and Guybrush took his share of evil voodo and is becoming evil!

I got an idea about a story in that moment: a story of evilness and redemption. Guybrush become more and more sadistic and cynical for the effect of the voodo course on him. He start doing acts of felony and villainy until he got cured by Elaine and so in the second part of the story he tries to fix all the damages he did. The `tale' went in a totally different direction... alas :) .

Share your ideas about stories!

* piratey: about pirates Monkey Island style: if they bury silver discs with stolen audio tracks you are in the right line ;)

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