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Telltale's Future Games Revealed in Survey

posted by Rather Dashing on - last edited - Viewed by 556 users

So, Telltale is trying to pick the newsletter subscriber's brains for things like slogans in the newsletter survey. But they have also revealed something interesting: what they are considering for their next IP.

They asked what would be most interesting to us as their next IP. While the choices they provided are likely things that are only considerations, and not anything that they have even tried to get the rights for yet, it is interesting to see what they're looking at. Even if they're just looking at the general style wanted by their subscribers rather than these actual series, it's worth thinking about.

The provided options are the Sierra Quest series, Gabriel Knight, More LucasArts, Leisure Suit Larry, Myst, Infocom, and Broken Sword. I of course chose Infocom(Zork, Planetfall), Gabriel Knight, and Sierra Quest series.

Oh, by the way, interesting to note: Since the last poll I entered in, those creating the polls seem to have noticed the existence of Loom.

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